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June 6, 2015 6:32 AM - dibs
One of the houses I visited in Deerfield. This home was originally owned by a doctor who painted it this shade of blue. Built in 1747, the Wells-Thorn House presents period rooms depicting the lifestyle of Deerfield residents in a progression from the early days of 1725 all the way up to the high-style of the 1850s. It is furnished to illustrate the development of the agricultural economy, domestic life, and refinement in the Connecticut Valley. The earliest rooms of the Wells-Thorn House show life in Deerfield during the frontier period. Later period rooms in the house reflect the increased availability of consumer goods and the growing prosperity and sophistication of Deerfield’s residents.

As an editorial note, the pigments used to make blue paints were quite expensive then and therefore made this paint a real symbol of status.
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