Let's Shop!
June 29, 2013 7:09 AM - InsertSnappyNameHere
In the mood to shop till you drop? Great, then get on in here and letís start! In this weekís column of Shopping with Snappy, you can learn how to add some flavor, deter the thieves, make good use of robots, light up your rooms, clean the air in style, pound out some art, redo some furniture and have fun with belts & wood. Say it with me nowÖLetís Shop!

Ready to add a little extra flavor to your meals? Check out this Tabletop Oil Mister. The product claims it will cut down on fat and calories because youíre just spritzing on the oil, but I guess that depends on if youíve got self control :-D But, this little baby could be great for creating and storing your own flavor infused oils. The Tabletop Oil Mister is available in blue, white, red, green or black.

If you are worried about thieves coming in to your place for your goods, or if you just have a wicked sense of humor, then you need The Neighborís Doormat. Tell those would-be burglars to go elsewhere and leave your shit alone!

Whatís a Grillbot? If you have a bbq grill and hate cleaning it, itís time to find out what it is. Stop cleaning your grill and just let a robot do it! This thing promises to scrub-a-dub-dub your grill while you just sit back and relax. Not a bad proposition. It comes in black, blue, orange and red. One stupid thing? It wonít be ready to ship until September. ITíS PRIME GRILLING SEASON RIGHT NOW! SILLY MANUFACTURERS!

Our next product is genius in its simplicity and class. Behold the Urban Chandelier. While I love it, I donít love the price. But, if you look closely at the design of this piece, you can see itís totally hackable. Maybe Iíll give it a shot one day. But, if you have a few hundred duckets to dropÖ

Now itís time for our concept design of the week. The Air Drop is a super cool planter for tillandsias aka air plants. We all know that plants help clean the air. So do air filters. The Air Drop incorporates both of these in a stylish manner. The brainchild of designer Jillian Tackaberry, the Air Drop's style of plant + solar powered air filter is perfect for small, city apartments. Not too shabby. Depending on pricing, would you be interested in one of these?

Recall the cheap and easy crafts we used to make as kids? Well, one is never too old to enjoy such fun. For this craft, just get a hammer, leaves from your favorite tree, card stock and paper towels. See pic below for instructions.

This next D.I.Y. project is a bit more involved than pounding leaves, but still easy enough. Redoux Interiors has a great tutorial on how to give a cheap bookcase an easy and affordable makeover. Check out the details here:

Our final craft is one I fell in love with at first sight and am dying to make. Let me know if you love it, too. Have you got two extra belts? Two pieces of wood? Nails and a hammer? Then make this cool shelf! See how here:

Thanks for reading!

June 29, 2013 9:03 AM - MontroseMorris
Cool, as usual. I agree, the light fixture is hackable. The bookcase and shelves are great, what a good idea. That actually gives me an idea using something else, if belts are not available, like jute webbing for furniture, it's tough, or metal strapping. Hmmmmm.

June 29, 2013 11:10 AM - Arkady
It'd be neat if that grillbot works but I wonder...