Additional domain name -
September 2, 2011 8:26 AM - About LifeinBklyn - BoerumHillScott
Yesterday evening, I registered and pointed it here.
I did this both to help people with spelling/memory problems, as well as to keep someone else in the future from registering a name so similar to hours.

In the first few days of the site, it was mentioned that it would be a more logical name of our site, since bklyn is a more common abbreviation than bkln. There is no technical reason why would could not promote that as the primary name. It is not a question that I have any strong feelings on.

The only downside from switching names is that people who are logged in under one URL would have to re-log in if they enter the other.

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Registration now required
August 30, 2011 12:37 PM - Open Thread - bxgrl
LifeinBkln now requires you to register before you can post on the site. We hate to do it, but we want to keep spam to a minimum. And we love new members!

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Hurricane or just storm???

Friday Open Thread
August 26, 2011 8:21 AM - Open Thread - dibs
A Chinese guy got on the E train and stood next to me with a parrot in a carrying cage. Since he was Chinese I wanted to ask him if he was going to eat it but I refrained.

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