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Why do people listen to Rush Limbaugh? At all? I saw that some folks were talking about some new and no doubt ridiculous statement he made recently. So, I used my good friend Google to find out what the issue was *this time*. Yup. His remarks were ridiculous. Quite ridiculous, in fact. While using Google to get the story, several pages popped up asking people to sign a petition demanding that RL apologize to Ms. Fluke and denounce his blatant misogyny. I can understand that impulse, but wait a sec. Really? REALLY? Does anyone really expect RL to apologize? And if he did throw out an apology, do you think for one second it would be sincere? I think not.

Now let's all tell the truth about RL here. He is a nobody. He is a has-been (if he ever did really used-to-be). He wields no real power. At all. And he knows this. Do you know what people like that do? They shout loudly (metaphorically and literally) to get the attention of the crowd because they know they are just a tiny peanut therein. "Ms. Fluke, you're a slut!" = "Waaaahhhh! Nobody is listening to me!" "Ms. Fluke, why dontcha post some sex videos online for us to watch since you are asking to be paid to fuck!?" = "I haven't gotten a headline in x number of days! Waaaaaah!" Yup, that's what people like that do. And when the outrage comes, he sits back, revels in it and says, "Oh yeah, I may be a stupid fuck who says stupid shit, but the masses are listening. They are listening and that's all that matters."

See the following video...I'm thinking this was him as a child...

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